Terms & Conditions

Customer Orders/Right to modify

The San Jacinto College EMT program is the owner of logo and dictates the intent of this storefront and the standards by which the items in it are personalized. Personalization entries may be modified for compliance with their uniform policy and may be done so without the end users approval.  A text or e-mail will be sent to the contact information provided with your order as notification if a change needs to be made.


Returns will not be accepted once items have been decorated. There are no refunds for items that have been decorated.  Return/Refund of all other items must be requested within 10 business days of receipt of items/delivery date.  Threadbearer Embroidery is a separate business entity and does not reimburse or refund purchases made for the EMT program  if the buyer/student chooses to drop the class, unless it is within 10 business days of purchase and the items are eligible for refund (tags have not been removed, not personalized).

“Cash Only” customers

Threadbearer retains the right to refund transactions for order(s) and request cash only payments from Customers who have set a precedent of purchasing behaviors that adversely impact Threadbearer.