Welcome to Threadbearer

Threadbearer is a small, woman-owned and operated business located in the Clear Lake area of Texas. In business since 2001, Threadbearer has come to succeed in supplying the Houston area and beyond with the best embroidery and sewing work in the states. With the help of many of our beloved and loyal customers, as well as friends, family, and other patrons, Threadbearer has gained more momentum and popularity than ever before— and we hope to keep on growing!

What Threadbearer Has To Offer You

If you are in need of embroidery, Threadbearer excels in meeting all of your needs and in exceeding your wildest dreams in regards to the creation of your logo, in-house digitizing of your design, and all stitch-work regarding your project whether it's simple embroidery, applique, or hand-crafted items. With multiple industry-leading, commercial-grade machines at our disposal, your orders are completed in a timely manner, and the best part is: they are often completed at a lower cost than store-front based embroidery businesses!

  • Resources to enable you to achieve long-lasting high quality embroidery.
    • Over 35,000 designs to choose from that can be used as is or modified to meet your needs
    • Color fast bleach resistant thread in 365 color choices
    • Over 100 font types or alphabetic designs to complete your layout. If you can't find one you like, the font can be digitized to put the finishing touches on your project.
  • In-House Digitizing
    The conversion of artwork to a file which can be machine stitched - that will be quality checked and available for your approval prior to embroidery on your item.
  • Timely completion of embroidery orders with reliable, consistent colors, fonts, and layouts when repeat orders are placed.
  • Flexible payment options (Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Paypal) with detailed invoices supplying the basis for cost.

Product Catalogs

You may provide you own items for embroidery, have Threadbearer create an item for embroidery, or purchase a garment from our online catalog. We have a wide variety of items for you to choose from: