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Through our digitizing procedure, you'll be able to customize your projects in a new and exciting way: digitizing is the process of converting artwork to a file that can, in turn, be stitched by an embroidery machine. The final stitch file will be quality checked, and we will even offer a stitch image for your approval before we finalize our process!

Digitizing is best completed with the submittal of artwork with clean lines and color fills; commonly created with vector art software. However, if vector art is not available Threadbearer can still help you realize your goals for your project.

Threadbearer will stitch the design file on anything you need whether it’s from our inventory or yours. If you plan to stitch the design yourself then we tailor the digitizing to your personal needs by minimizing thread cuts or color layering to reduce the number of times you have to change the thread spools when using a home-based machine.

With our digitizing process, there's nothing holding back your imagination, which allows for both you and us at Threadbearer to create truly the most original and unique personalized items around!

Before Digitizing: Picture from a calendar of a little girl who loves polar bears.
Before Digitizing: Customer did not have vector art to work from
Before Digitizing: Cell phone image
Before Digitizing: An example of clean vector artwork
After Digitizing: Father asked for a throw for her bed.  The polar bears were appliqued with faux fur and her name added for the finishing touch.
After Digitizing: Threadbearer enabled a church to expand their liturgical parament set by using an altar drape design sewn by a church member years previously to create the designs for the chalice veil & burse.
After Digitizing
After Digitizing