Licensing Agreements

Threadbearer is not authorized, without a distribution agreement, to use mascot logos in connection with any college or university or any professional sports team. Therefore, neither the creation of an embroidery file nor the stitching of embroidery will be made of such logos in connection with a team name, slogan, and/or colors, or otherwise in a team context, without the express written consent of the respective institution and/or its authorized representative and supplied prior to a cost quote developed by Threadbearer. Threadbearer is willing to investigate obtaining a license and/or distribution agreement to meet your embroidery needs; however this must be initiated well in advance of the embroidery needs and the cost of doing so will be factored into the cost to the customer.

Licensed embroidery designs, commonly found on embroidery websites and identified as such, cannot be sewn on items for resale. Although Threadbearer will assist you in the purchase of these designs they are intended for personal use only by the end-user.

Cost Quotes

Cost quotes are good for ten (10) business days, although availability of garments/items are subject to change based on sales, especially for bargain sales or sale of closeout items.


Returns will not be accepted once items have been decorated. If there is a question of correct size of any item ordered, please advise Threadbearer to allow for sizing of received items prior to embroidery.