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At Threadbearer, we're dedicated to helping you with all your embroidery needs—and we can embroider just about anything! From baby's first blanket, to police and EMT uniforms, to liturgical paraments, sweat bands, or stadium chairs, Threadbearer is here to help you personalize your garments in a way never before thought possible. Let us work, grow, and learn with you, and together we can make your sentimental memorabilia all the more special.

Whether it's twenty customized ball caps from one of our catalogs with the team logo and player's names on the back, or a name panel made from scraps left over from the baby's crib set, Threadbearer can help. We'll even collaborate with you on items hand crafted by you for us to finish with personalization, quilting, and embroidery embellishments. All projects are welcome no matter how big or small.

In the green box above, you can sign up to initiate your own workspace to collaborate with the Threadbearer team on your project; inside we'll define the project, after which we'll provide a production image and cost estimate.

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